Clover Health Partners About Us

Public Reporting Information

DCE Name and Location

Clover Health Partners LLC
PO Box 2093
Jersey City, NJ 07303

DCE Primary Contacts

Kevin Murphy, Direct Contracting Executive Officer

Carl Rathjen, Vice President, Network Management & Operations

DCE Governing Body

Andrew Toy, Clover Health

Craig Concannon, MD, KCIC

Giancarla Addison, Clover Health

Gonzalo Olivares-Maldonado MD, Clover Home Care

Jamie Reynoso, Clover Health

Mark Herbers, Clover Health

Kevin Murphy, Clover Health

Kumar Dharmarajan, MD, Clover Home Care

Linda Schwimmer, New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute

Mark Spektor, DO, Clover Health

Maxine Elizabeth Facey, MD, Clover Home Care

Raghuraj Tomar, MD, ExcelCare

Vivek Garipalli, Clover Health

Wendy Richey, Clover Health

Jay Rowh, Beneficiary Representative

DCE Key Clinical and Administrative leaders

Direct Contracting Executive Officer: Kevin Murphy
Clover Health

Chief Operating Officer: Jamie Reynoso
Clover Health

Chief Medical Officer: Mark Spektor, DO
Clover Health

Chief Scientific Officer: Kumar Dharmarajan, MD
Clover Health

Vice President, Network Management & Operations: Carl Rathjen
Clover Health

DCE Joint Ventures

Clover Health Partners has not entered into any joint ventures between or among our Participating or Preferred providers.

DC Participant Providers

DC Preferred Providers